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Indymag is the magazine for Indiana Jones fans with the aim of sharing a bit of Indy love by taking an irreverent look at the world of Indiana Jones. Along the way we hope our little magazine will raise a few chuckles and, by default, bestow some actual facts. 

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  • Our hero is back with INDIANA JONES AND THE DIAL OF DESTINY we look into the who? what? where and where of this fantastic new addition

  • We look at Karen Allen trip to an alligator farm where the biggest smile waiting wasn't the green skinned killer.

  • We has a focus on our friends in Spain who are doing lots of wonderful Indiana Jones fan films.

Also news, reviews and general jollity from the Indymag team




All issues are now available in our archive to download, except for the latest which is only available via subscription.










Calling all Indy creatives! Be a part of our magazine!

If you have ideas for the magazine or have a talent to offer then we would love to hear from you!


We are looking people who can help with regular reviews, create features or doddle a great image.


As the magazine is voluntary it can take up a lot of time so consider whether this is the right for you. 

Send your submission on our contact button on the about section.


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